Your dynamic marketing portal


This à la carte platform includes an e-shop and brings all your marketing assets under one roof.
It ensures the global and local consistency of all your marketing materials and accelerates the creation and distribution of online and offline campaigns, both internally and externally.
It is the key to your marketing efficiency.

A unique portal to improve your marketing consistency.

Save time and consistency

Identic’s web-to-print platform is a real asset for your marketing department.

You control all publications and orders, you reduce costs and production times. You limit the waste associated with document obsolescence. You manage access and validate the use and compliance of the disseminated documents.

The use of templates guarantees the respect of your brand identity and the consistency of local communications. Your teams work independently in a controlled environment.

8 reasons to entrust your Marketing Portal to Identic


You control the use and distribution of your brand assets from a central platform.



You connect the different contributors to your marketing campaigns: creative agencies, marketing managers and local teams.


You accelerate the process of creating, editing, translating and validating your communication supports.



You choose only what you need. Our IT teams develop your Brand Center according to your needs and image.



With a powerful graphical engine, the portal allows you to customize your communications online. Simple and fast.


Multimedia & multi-channel

You adapt each marketing campaign for each suitable media: print, mobile, web, email, social


Your Marketing Portal is also an e-shop where to order all your publications, localized and personalized

One stop Shop

All your marketing content is available in one place. Accessible 24/7. Finding, adapting and disseminating a communication campaign has never been easier.

Give your marketing a new dimension.

Some examples of portals created by Identic

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