Small Print Formats

Print is not dead!
Our promise: quality, efficiency, speed.

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For 25 years, Identic has taken on all your print challenges.

Business cards & Stationary

We simplify the management of your business cards and stationery. Edit and order online. Fast and quality output.


Marketing Supports

Flyers, brochures, leaflets all formats. Briefcases, books and notebooks. Pre-press and post-production services on demand.

Packaging & gadgets

Special formats. Boxes and cases. Door hangers, gift boxes, pens, mugs, sweets … Printing on all supports.

Print & Digital : a winning combination

Even if digital marketing is essential in corporate communication, print is a safe bet to reach many customers and prospects.

It is well known that the web serves print as it facilitates and accelerates exchanges between the different steps of the creation and production of your communications. For years, Identic has been developing web-to-print solutions  which will save time and reduce errors.

But did you know that print can also serve the web?Augmented reality is an example that is worth the detour. Identic will show it with great pleasure.

Beautiful brands trust us
A strong brand is noticed on several formats and supports!
You have a project? Let’s talk about it!
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