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25 years of passion for technologies to help our customers


Identic opens a digital print shop in Brussels. Copy shops are in full bloom. However, Identic’s main focus is not B2C consumers, but companies wishing to outsource their reprographic work.

At that time, offset printing is still the norm in the world of printing. But digital flexibility is gradually changing the situation as it reduces delays and stocks. This is the advent of print- on-demand.

Identic’s business is steadily growing for a decade


Identic multiplies online services.
This is the era of web-to-print platforms that automate orders, reduce costs and customers’ inventory and help them manage their printing processes more effectively.

For over 10 years, Identic has been responsible for the production and distribution of technical manuals of the construction machinery manufacturer Bobcat in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. This represents more than 20,000 documents per year.

Similarly, the pharmaceutical firm Astrazeneca managed to reduce its printing budget thanks to a centralized web-to-print platform, accessible to its various departments. Called print broking, this service uses a network of offset printing partners to complement the digital printing work done in-house.


The constant growth of the company leads to the search for new premises that are larger and easier to access.

Identic moved to Zaventem in the industrial estate near Ikea.
2,000m² of modern offices and warehouses will now house the company’s 20 or so employees.


Identic responds to the enthusiasm for digitization and launches an innovative marketing portal enabling companies to effectively manage their crossmedia communication.

You no longer have to choose between print and digital, you should rather combine the two. Our portal manages graphic projects by adapting each campaign into various formats (HD, PDF, HTML, XML, GIF, TIFF) suitable to the different communication channels.

Thanks to this centralization tool, companies can easily create or update their marketing assets, in order to distribute them in a coherent way, regardless of the channel – be it web, social media, print or digital signage.


Thierry Paquit takes over the management of Identic and redefines its strategy.

The Internet opens up new perspectives. Identic starts offering its first online services to facilitate the outsourcing and purchasing of print jobs.



Backed by its successful digital experiments, Identic continues its momentum and addresses the education sector.

Its online syllabus production platform, sylla-net, is very successful and quickly adopted by a number of universities and colleges in Brussels.



Always looking for innovation, Identic acquires a customization software. The company is therefore able to offer new 1 to 1 marketing services.

And, at the same time, its IT developers are creating increasingly sophisticated branded portals and web interfaces.


Identic acquires Proxess-Maes, its biggest competitor in the Belgian digital printing market. It becomes one of the most important digital printing companies in Belgium.

The company continues to diversify by extending its graphic studio and by adding new services such as web content production, web site development and mobile application.

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