Large Print Formats

High Definition Digital Printing
All supports. Inside and outside.

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Enjoy digital printing to make a big impression.

Roll-up, kakemono

Ultra portable and stylish, roll-up mounts in seconds. Its aluminum structure gives it resistance and lightness. Ideal for fairs, shows and conferences.

Posters & Displays

To increase your brand visibility, a multitude of formats are available. Identic advises you in the choice of materials and finishes.

Printing on canvas

Essential support to optimize your communication. For outdoor or indoor use at trade shows, fairs or exhibitions. Finishing on demand.

Advertising poster as a marketing tool

To quickly boost the launch of a product or event, there’s nothing like a large-scale display campaign.

A good poster has a few seconds to convince. It must therefore be read very quickly. To be effective and hard-hitting, ask yourself one question “What is the reader to remember? “.

In the street, in the subway or in public places, the multitude of formats makes it possible to modulate your communication for maximum impact!

Entrust the creation of your posters to professionals: the editorial and graphic elements deserve an expert look to be more impactful.

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Outdoor, indoor, print, web : A strong brand is available on all supports!
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