Augmented Reality - Identic

Augmented Reality

Give a new impetus to your communication.
From the real to the virtual world, enter a new dimension.

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Test new communication experiences.
Bring your products to life. Boost your presentations.

Interactive Print

Superimpose to your prints, in real time, images of synthesis in 3D and 2D to give life to a new space, between virtual and real.

Animated Advertising

Advergame is a playful and entertaining approach to communication with a strong impact. The game is ideal for memorizing a brand universe.


Sales Support 2.0

Enrich your sales materials with animated and contextual information. Immersive products catalogs. 3D visualizations.

Four Reasons to Adopt Augmented Reality
  • Create surprise and get noticed
  • Immerse the consumer in your product to help him take an educated decision
  • Attract customers to your store through geolocation
  • Enhance customer experience by facilitating in-store product search

Test the Identic AR application!

Beautiful brands did test augmented reality
What about you? Do you want to surprise your clients? Success guaranteed!
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